Transforum To Fringe

Follow 9 Kent State Theatre Students help Transforum Theatre take a student created work to the LARGEST fringe festival in the world!

Greenside Venues

With a cast in place and a budget on the table, it was now time to start making things happen. We now needed to apply to the festival. To do so, you were required to have conformation of the venue that you were performing in. So we started to do some research and narrowed the 300 advertised venues down to the 10 that would work best for our show. Out of that 10, we applied to the 5 we liked best and compared their offers. We were very happy to chose Greenside Venues, because of how welcoming they were to first time fringe goers and they simply had a great offer for a great price. The only downside to the offer was our timing in the matter which forced us to take one of the last performance slots left at 10:20 in the morning. But hey, we are up for the challenge! After everything went through with the venue, we applied to the festival and were excepted. Now that things were set in stone, we realized that there was no backing out and we were going all the way! We soon ordered plane flights individually, and found a house for all of us to stay at in Edinburgh.



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