Transforum To Fringe

Follow 9 Kent State Theatre Students help Transforum Theatre take a student created work to the LARGEST fringe festival in the world!

Kalamazoo to Scotland

It’s already a week before I leave the Barn Theatre in Michigan for The Festival Fringe in Scotland. I am so thankful to have this opportunity to be performing overseas but to be able to travel and experience these things with such a great group of friends is more than I could ask for. This summer has flown by while in Michigan even though it hasn’t been over 90 degrees here I have learned so much not only how far I can push myself but also how I have grown as an actor. Thrilled to be able to bring this to the character in Grimm’s and see how this show affects people while we are in the festival! This will also give us a chance to work with and watch other actors, directors, technicians and learn and share techniques which will help us all grow. I want to thank everyone that has donated and put in their time and effort into this project and I can not wait to meet up with my cast in a week and just enjoy our time exploring this show and a new country!!




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