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Edinburgh Festival Fringe: Day One

To start out, London was simply amazing! By far one of my favorite cities now. I can’t wait to go back and I would even consider looking into Grad Schools out here. The culture was so refreshing compared to our lives in America. We met so many nice people and had a ball! Yesterday will be a day that I will always remember as we got to go to my favorite football (Soccer ; )) team’s pub. It is ranked one of the best in the world. It was jam packed and a lot of fun! We didn’t get to see the game because we had to get on the train to come up to Edinburgh. The train ride was a nice time to rest as it was a good 5 hours. When we arrived we met up with my awesome mother who has helped me so much in all of the planning and preparing for this trip and my amazing girlfriend, Erin, who I hadn’t seen in four months because she was performing on a cruise ship in Europe. It is great to have both of their support in being here and Erin is going to be helping us record the trip as well! 

Today is the busiest day out of the trip. Here’s the schedule:

Anna arrived at 10. / Rehearsal 12-1. / Walk to Venue 1:30-2. / Meet and Greet 2-2:30/ Gather props, food, and start advertising 3-5. / Relax 5-5:45. / Tech 6:30- 8. / Rehearse 9- the show is ready go up! 

As you could guess I am using my relaxing time to type this. I really want to thank everyone who is following this blog because you have all been so supportive and the cast along with myself are being fueled right now simply off of excitement, positivity, and all of your support! We have to get going to tech, but I hope to post again after rehearsal tonight! 

Also the house is spectacular. I don’t know how we got so lucky!

– Dan 


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2 thoughts on “Edinburgh Festival Fringe: Day One

  1. cstillin on said:

    Wish I was with you all! Break a leg!


  2. We are so excited for all of you! Enjoy every second of every day – Edinburgh is a wonderful city, and Scotland one of my favorite places in the world!


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