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Edinburgh Festival Fringe: Day 2

Words can not describe. This day has held the emotions of a lifetime. We had a challenging tech rehearsal. (If you’ve seen our show you know that the light behind the cyc is rather important for our shadow puppetry.) Yeah well that light completely broke at the tech rehearsal. We had to use an actual desk lamp for the shadows, but it worked well enough for one show! Then we rehearsed late into the night with our only rehearsal. This means we had 0 time to advertise when the streets here are packed full of people advertising. We got up around 7:30 in the morning and kept rehearsing. I can not express the pride and gratitude I have for this cast. The fact that we could put this show up with 6 people and one rehearsal when the original show had 11 people and over a month to work. The show was amazing, out of no where we had a full house! No one has any clue how that happened. Our best reasoning was that it was due to “Grimm’s”  being in the title and the quality of our posters. We saw a few shows for the rest of the day and simply had the best time in the city. 



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One thought on “Edinburgh Festival Fringe: Day 2

  1. Eric van Baars on said:

    Dan, I makes us all back home so proud of you all. It all sounds exhausting and wonderful! On with the show.


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