Transforum To Fringe

Follow 9 Kent State Theatre Students help Transforum Theatre take a student created work to the LARGEST fringe festival in the world!

Sunday and Monday at the Fringe

Sunday was a whirl wind of a day. We slept in a little then had our first meeting and talk through of show. Followed by a tour of Greenside, which is the venue where we are performing. I really like our venue and it is in the heart of the festival. After meeting we split up to divide and conquer. Doing props, lights and advertising. Amy, Taylor, Erin and I went to the Royal mile where we put up a few posters on the pillars but so many people just plaster over other posters , within 15 minutes some were already gone! Then we stopped to purchase some merchandise from the Fringe shop. We then went to the grocery store… which was a little different. Had no clue where anything was and check out is rather different. Its self check out and after you scan an item you have to place it in the pre packaging area or the screen shuts down and you have to get a manager to swipe a card.  Then came back to the house and had a snack before tech rehearsal. Everything went rather smoothly and we got in, set up, and tore down and came back to the house for a family dinner that Erin cooked for us. We then went straight into rehearsal in the living room (luckily it is large enough to tape out to be the size of the stage). It was a late night but we knew it would pay off!!


Woke up this morning after not getting too much sleep. We did another run through in the living room before heading up to Greenside. It was not the best performance for me personally, I rushed quite a lot, but I was filled with a lot of nerves and excitement.  I really can’t explain the feeling when we first walked out on to the stage and the audience was full! Our goal was for maybe 5 0r 6 because we really did not have time to do much of any advertising. The audience responded differently than back at home but we have been rehearsing and plan to adapt. This has been so unbelievably awesome and performing today was like nothing I have ever done. Afterwards, grabbed food at this local Italian place and came back to the house to take the most amazing nap. Then walked back up to the Royal mile, where Grant performed magic on the streets and we passed out flyers to a lot of people. Caught an awesome street performer on a unicycle who juggled torches of fire and then saw a show at our venue which was really good!!


Keep on keepin’ on!




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