Transforum To Fringe

Follow 9 Kent State Theatre Students help Transforum Theatre take a student created work to the LARGEST fringe festival in the world!


We decided to do a run through of the show at the house this morning which set us up for a great performance. Smaller audience today, (but hey still performing international at the Fringe!) After, we headed to see James I, the first play in the James plays trilogy about the Kings. The show was incredible and an absolute pleasure from start to finish. They had one or two elaborate set pieces but what made this show so cool was it’s simplicity. Everything was very minimal and just told an amazing story. After the show let out we then bought tickets to see James II for tomorrow night. We had dinner on the streets by the Royal Mile, split up got food and then ate together outside one of the performance venues. Our night ended with seeing a production titled Shitfaced Shakespeare. It was a one of a kind, truly hilarious show. The cast performed a classic Shakespeare piece with one member of group completely drunk. I don’t even know how to describe how funny it was other then the fact we just laughed all night. How the cast improved to deal with the drunk one to make the plot continue was just outstanding.



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