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Edinburgh Festival Fringe: Days 3-6

I wish I had posted more but we have honestly either been seeing shows, working on our show, or sleeping. We have all been exhausted but it has been more than well worth it. On Tuesday, it was Amy’s last day of doing the show and Grant’s last day of covering another part as Troy and Michael arrived. We have had short rehearsals the past few days trying to the kinks out of our show. On the fourth day, we were lucky enough to have Chuck Ritchie and his wife Deirdre attend our show. It was so great to see them, and Chuck gave me a bit of advice on what he felt could have tied this international audience into the show more. So that next morning I wrote some new things in and work on them with the cast before the show. We found out that weather plays a role in our attendance because we only had about 14 people due to the rain (which the people at our venue said was a good amount of people on a nice day.) So today we are about to find out if our audience will be a bit more interactive. 

The shows that we have been seeing have been extraordinary. I would like to write reviews on them for my own use sometime soon if I can find the time. All of the art we have seen has changed the way I look at theatre. Erin and I were talking about it last night, but I came into this project thinking that my goal would be to put on a great show and to get as many people as we can to come to our show. But things changes even when we got to London.  Everyone we met was so incredibly nice to us! Then when we came to Edinburgh the same thing happened. When we were passing out flyers for our show, rather than trying to “one up” the person that is a few feet away from you doing the same exact thing, you just go up to him, talk to him, get to know him a bit, and do a switch where it’s “I’ll take yours if you take mine.”

With all of the genres of art and the community of artists we have been surrounded by it has been more than the largest arts festival in the world but the largest celebration of the arts in the world. Not a day has gone by where we haven’t laughed,  been moved, been challenged, or been inspired. I came into this project as a student of Kent State and I now feel like I am leaving it an artist who is apart of larger community. A community that is supportive, looks towards the future, helps those in need, and will never stop growing. 



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