Transforum To Fringe

Follow 9 Kent State Theatre Students help Transforum Theatre take a student created work to the LARGEST fringe festival in the world!

About the Adventure

Transforum Theatre has been invited to the Edinburgh Festival Fringe in Edinburgh, Scotland this summer to produce an original piece we have written at the largest arts festival in the world! This incredible opportunity will allow eight students and one recent theatre alum to hone our craft and gain practical experience while representing the Kent State School of Theatre and Dance on the international stage. This will be an extraordinary educational experience for all of us as we will be able to interact with artists from all over the world and learn from them.

Our project titled “A Collection of Grimm’s Fairy Tales” is a collaborative piece of theatre that combines and expands upon a handful of the most memorable of the Brothers Grimm’s classic tales. Making use of our strong ensemble we employ a unique multitude of theatrical muses such as shadow puppetry and magic to speak to the imaginations of all ages. We feel that this show is appropriate for Edinburgh because we wanted to share our interpretation of these stories and their universal themes to a world audience. Transforum Theatre is particularly proud of this work and along with the faculty we are eager to perform as a part of this internationally recognized festival.

Transforum Theatre is a new student theater organization at Kent State University. Our goal is to provide opportunities for students to pursue their passions and explore their creativity while developing new works of art in theater, dance, poetry, script writing and more.

To learn more about the Edinburgh Fringe Festival you can watch the video on their website here:


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