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And they all lived happily ever after

Wow. Words cannot describe how amazing and memorable this trip has been. Performing in Europe with great friends has been a life changing experience that I will always love and cherish. I’m coming back to the states with a new view on the world and life. Experiencing the culture just in the UK makes me want to discover the rest of the world. There is art everywhere whether you choose to see it or not. Thanks to our donors and supporters, this has been one trip I will NEVER forget. Thank you all so much.


Now on to senior year.



Show 1

After two long days of traveling and getting settled into Edinburgh, we managed to have ONE full rehearsal before our show this morning. We stayed up till 2 the night before talking about the script and rehearsing a stumble through. After about 4 hours of sleep we got up, did a full run through of the show at 8 and then managed to trek our 30 minute walk to our venue with props in hand. After setting up and running a few things we needed, the patrons started crowding in. We had a full house. After barely advertising we had a full house. Only 3 people we knew. It was a truly magical performance. We all managed to give our all. But now….it’s time for a nap.



From London to Edinburgh

The journey continues as we find our flat in Edinburgh, Scotland. This place is GORGEOUS. The city and the place we’re staying at. I am so excited to start performing. Both on stage and sharing my art of magic to people on the street. This is going to be a week I will never forget.


Started from the bottom, now we here.

Sitting at the airport waiting to load on our plane, I’m so thankful for this amazing opportunity. It’s not everyday that you get to perform a show halfway across the world with people you absolutely cherish.

To introduce myself my name is Grant Jackowski. This summer has been a great and terrible summer all in one. I’ve made amazing memories with really good friends and now we’re all on our way to London, England and Edinburgh, Scotland to perform a show that we’ve all worked so hard on. However, my dad passed away three and a half weeks ago to a long battle against cancer. It’s been a little hard for me to go on this trip, but I’ve gotten a lot of reassurance that this is what my dad would want me to do. I’ve also received a TON of love and support from family and friends who have helped me through this terrible life event. Most of who are coming on this trip with me. I was excited to come back home and tell my dad all about this opportunity but now I know that he’ll be there with me in spirit and gets to watch everything happen.

So to EVERYONE who has supported, donated, and cared I speak for all of us when I say thank you so so so much. It means the absolute world.

Now let’s get this started!!!

Grant Jackowski

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