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Through our London eyes!









Taylor Nicole Bryan

Technology is not my thing…here’s photos!





Taylor Nicole Bryan

Sunshine to my soul

Holy Cabooses! This trip has been too wonderful for words!!! I’ve shared new experiences among my best friends and crossed things off my bucket list (some I never knew I even had!) right and left!!!! Traveling as an adult (sorry dad) and without any family members is certainly a different experience! I’m no stranger to jet setting to far away places and even no stranger to performing in a foreign land….but being 21 and with not only my closest friends but my life long friends has been a heartwarming experience!!! I have found myself unable to wipe a smile off my face! (Even after late night rehearsals and my old lady tendency to be in bed by 8) I’ve found myself having conversations with the lady at the pub or the random gentleman who offered his assistance in taping and stapling our fliers. The kindness and general willingness (and even eagerness) of the people we are surrounded by to reach out, lend a hand, give direction or guidance, or even just share a “cheers!” Is truly sunshine to my soul!!!

Taylor Nicole Bryan

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