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Follow 9 Kent State Theatre Students help Transforum Theatre take a student created work to the LARGEST fringe festival in the world!

Photos of the Journey!

P1010802 First meeting to run over the show!


P1010809 Starting to set up for tech at Greenside Venue!



P1010819 Hanging up the cyc.


P1010831 Running through scenes and trying out the lighting cues!



P1010848Dress rehearsal at the house before the big day of the show!

P1010852 SHOW DAY!



P1010860A sneak peak behind the cyc!


Through our London eyes!









Taylor Nicole Bryan

Technology is not my thing…here’s photos!





Taylor Nicole Bryan

Sunshine to my soul

Holy Cabooses! This trip has been too wonderful for words!!! I’ve shared new experiences among my best friends and crossed things off my bucket list (some I never knew I even had!) right and left!!!! Traveling as an adult (sorry dad) and without any family members is certainly a different experience! I’m no stranger to jet setting to far away places and even no stranger to performing in a foreign land….but being 21 and with not only my closest friends but my life long friends has been a heartwarming experience!!! I have found myself unable to wipe a smile off my face! (Even after late night rehearsals and my old lady tendency to be in bed by 8) I’ve found myself having conversations with the lady at the pub or the random gentleman who offered his assistance in taping and stapling our fliers. The kindness and general willingness (and even eagerness) of the people we are surrounded by to reach out, lend a hand, give direction or guidance, or even just share a “cheers!” Is truly sunshine to my soul!!!

Taylor Nicole Bryan

From London to Edinburgh





Show 1

After two long days of traveling and getting settled into Edinburgh, we managed to have ONE full rehearsal before our show this morning. We stayed up till 2 the night before talking about the script and rehearsing a stumble through. After about 4 hours of sleep we got up, did a full run through of the show at 8 and then managed to trek our 30 minute walk to our venue with props in hand. After setting up and running a few things we needed, the patrons started crowding in. We had a full house. After barely advertising we had a full house. Only 3 people we knew. It was a truly magical performance. We all managed to give our all. But now….it’s time for a nap.



Making up for lost time

These last few days have been a whirlwind of friends, a lot of walking, good food, little sleep, and a lot of hard work. We opened this morning after a late night brush up in the living room with various coffee and tea breaks throughout! Our efforts seem to have paid off because our audience was much larger than we expected, and overall pleased with the show they attended. Speaking with others on the street, there seems to be a lot of people interested in our show, and we are hoping to increase our audience size throughout the week. I am extremely proud with the group of people I am here with, and I am looking forward to the arrival of our other cast mates Michael and Troy tomorrow! The rest of the day we are advertising and seeing some of the hundreds of performances every hour throughout the city . This is truly one of the most beautiful places I have ever been, and I can’t wait to see what the next few days bring for us.

Much love
Chris Tuck

Edinburgh Festival Fringe: Day One

To start out, London was simply amazing! By far one of my favorite cities now. I can’t wait to go back and I would even consider looking into Grad Schools out here. The culture was so refreshing compared to our lives in America. We met so many nice people and had a ball! Yesterday will be a day that I will always remember as we got to go to my favorite football (Soccer ; )) team’s pub. It is ranked one of the best in the world. It was jam packed and a lot of fun! We didn’t get to see the game because we had to get on the train to come up to Edinburgh. The train ride was a nice time to rest as it was a good 5 hours. When we arrived we met up with my awesome mother who has helped me so much in all of the planning and preparing for this trip and my amazing girlfriend, Erin, who I hadn’t seen in four months because she was performing on a cruise ship in Europe. It is great to have both of their support in being here and Erin is going to be helping us record the trip as well! 

Today is the busiest day out of the trip. Here’s the schedule:

Anna arrived at 10. / Rehearsal 12-1. / Walk to Venue 1:30-2. / Meet and Greet 2-2:30/ Gather props, food, and start advertising 3-5. / Relax 5-5:45. / Tech 6:30- 8. / Rehearse 9- the show is ready go up! 

As you could guess I am using my relaxing time to type this. I really want to thank everyone who is following this blog because you have all been so supportive and the cast along with myself are being fueled right now simply off of excitement, positivity, and all of your support! We have to get going to tech, but I hope to post again after rehearsal tonight! 

Also the house is spectacular. I don’t know how we got so lucky!

– Dan 

From London to Edinburgh

The journey continues as we find our flat in Edinburgh, Scotland. This place is GORGEOUS. The city and the place we’re staying at. I am so excited to start performing. Both on stage and sharing my art of magic to people on the street. This is going to be a week I will never forget.


Two days here and I love this place

Getting into to London on our first day it took a little time to find the Travelodge, where we are currently staying. We couldn’t check in until noon so we went and grabbed breakfast at this place around the corner. It was an awesome sit outside breakfast place. Everything moves slower here, and you have to call over your waiter to pay for your meal. It is very different from American because they just want you to enjoy your meal. Not so much about the in and out. We then quickly checked in and headed to the Globe theatre for a performance of Antony and Cleopatra where we paid five pounds to stand like “groundlings” in front of the stage. The show was incredible…even though it was pouring down rain. (There is no roof above where we were standing.) So we opted out of staying for the second act because after traveling for an entire day… standing outside wet in the rain wasn’t so awesome. We went around town and checked out a few local shops and then made it back to the hotel for some fish and chips. Surprisingly I tried the fish and actually liked it! Later on, Dan and I traveled down to Oxford circle to check out the Puma store they have here, and then stopped for a refreshment at a local favorite called “Shakespeare’s Head”.  The last major event of our first day was the Underground trains closed at midnight so we had to find a bus to bring us back near to Kings Cross.

Slept in on day two because being up for nearly an entire day is a little exhausting… and went to this place for breakfast…you have heard of it, McDonald’s. We then went to go find if there were nay tickets for shows, but everything was pretty pricy. We then decided to tour the area of Leicester. One of the coolest places we have been. We were in St. James Square where I was a part of a two man dance crew street show. This guy jumped over me and four others sitting on the ground in a row. Then we took some great pictures pictures in the middle in St. James Square, and then began walking through this park near the Buckingham Palace. Which we then went to and saw some of the guards marching around. Then trucked back to the park where we took a nap in some very comfortable chairs. After seeing a poster for the show “The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-time” (It is one of my favorite books) decided to go to the theatre where they actually had cheaper seats available at the box office. It was one of my favorite shows I have seen in a long time. And it is currently in works in NYC for Broadway. The same director and creative team are currently rehearsing with the cast. The transition from book to stage was absolutely incredible and done with so much precision. I was so captivated by the acting, lighting, set and movement. After the show got to meet the Graham Butler who played Christopher at the stage door and go to talk with him for a couple minutes. The question that has been asked a lot is, “So where are you from?” Clearly we don’t appear to be from London…but we got to talking that we are hear for the Edinburgh festival and it was cool to hear that people over here are just as excited about it! Getting up early to take in a few more local spots then will be on board the train to Edinburgh! As they say in London, cheers!


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